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From the Bumblebee Conservation Trust:

We’re thrilled to announce that with your help (thank you!) we’ve made it into the televised National Lottery Awards final. We’re now one of just three projects competing to win the Best Environment Project category.

I know I’ve said this before (I hope you don’t have RSI…), but we need a few more mouse clicks to help us WIN. It really is very easy – just click here. Please help – we’re nearly there!

You can watch us on the BBC on Saturday 4th September – further details to follow when I have them. I need to get the dinner suit dry-cleaned!


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Interesting short video about ant taxonomy, behind the scenes at AntWeb and more..

Ants: The Invisible Majority

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From the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust:
Join our BioBlitz – 9 & 10 July 2010
at Banovallum House, Horncastle
A BioBlitz is a 24 hour wildlife survey where we try to find and identify as much wildlife as possible… and we need your help.
Everyone can take part in finding wildlife during the BioBlitz event and it’s quite incredible what can be found.
BioBlitzing the gardens of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust headquarters, Banovallum House in Horncastle, illustrates just how much biodiversity is out there. So far over 700 species have now been found and identified in the gardens of Banovallum House.

The fifth annual BioBlitz will be taking place at Banovallum House in Horncastle on Friday 9 July from 4pm and on Saturday 10 July from 10am until 4pm.

It’s a race against time to see how much wildlife can be found and identified in the gardens of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust headquarters, Banovallum House, in Horncastle and everyone is invited to come along and join in the fun.

There will be:
  • Pond dipping and minibeast hunts.
  • Searches for butterflies, dragonflies, hoverflies and other flying insects.
  • A self guided trail.
  • Bird ringing demonstrations.
  • Children’s activities.
  • Nature photography workshops.
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust gift shop will be open.
Find out what happened on previous BioBlitzes:
The Lincolnshire BioBlitz is organised by the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership, Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
BioBlitz events are happening across the UK – find out about the national BioBlitz programme.

Pics from previous BioBlitz

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