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For a late stocking filler try the new updated 2009 editon of the Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain & Ireland, by Mike Edwards & Martin Jenner

Bumblebee Book

Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain & Ireland 2009

A Photographic field guide for bumblebees of Britain and Ireland. The guide contains a quick identification chart, photographs of both sexes of all British species, information on life history and conservation, a cross-referencing system with symbols to help more accurate field identification and details on how to attract bumblebees to your garden.  108 pages, 90 colour photos & maps.

Updates to the second edition include: a new species account for the soon-to-be-reintroduced Bombus subterraneus; the latest distribution maps; updated Conservation Action section, and revised Quick Identification Chart.

RRP: £11.99. Published by Ocelli Ltd


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BWARS is running its very successful campaign to record winter-active bumblebees again this year. Last winter generated about 700 records (a remarkable number) and I am sure we can do at least as well this year.

Click here for further information and details on how to report your sitings.

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A species of bee in Australia has found a gruesome way to deal with a parasitic interloper that can damage its hives.

The stingless bee ‘mummifies’ any hive beetle that tries to enter its domain – wrapping the live parasite in resin, wax and mud until it can move no more.

The mummified beetles eventually starve and shrivel on the spot, researchers report in the journal Naturwissenschaften.

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BBC Earth News

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‘Enter the alien and dangerous world of Northumbrian wood ants. Peter France takes an extraordinary journey across the seasons.’ Episode 1 on iPlayer here.

Details of episodes 2-5 here.

Each episode is only available for 7 days.

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