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A National Trust property is being used as a test site for controlling the spread of an invasive ant across Europe.

A colony of 35,000 super ants was discovered in England for the first time in a fuse box at Hidcote Manor, Gloucestershire earlier this year.

The ants, that originate in Asia, are already a problem across central and western Europe and now it appears they are spreading north.

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Note: Despite the article suggesting ‘the ants are spreading across the country’, as far as I know the Hidcote colony is the only one yet confirmed as Lasius neglectus.


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HUNDREDS of thousands of foreign bumblebees are being imported into the UK each year by fruit farmers worried their crops will fail, The Scotsman has learned.

Bumblebee numbers in the UK have plummeted in recent decades, and this is leading fruit growers to import thousands of hives each year to help pollinate crops.

However, experts have warned the bees from Europe may carry diseases that threaten the survival of many vulnerable native varieties of the insect in Scotland.

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