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The supermarket chain Co-op has banned foods grown using pesticides that harm honey bees.

In recent years bee populations around the world have plummeted due to a mysterious problem known as Colony Collapse Disorder, with British bee keepers losing up to a third of hives over last winter.

The use of pesticides have been blamed for the collapse and yesterday the Co-operative announced it was banning any foods grown using the chemicals from their own range of fresh products. [Read full article]

Telegraph (27 Jan 2009)


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Three excerpts from the documentary “Nature – Silence of the bees“, recently aired on PBS/National Geographic channels

Silence of the bees – Online exclusive

Silence of the bees – The importance of bees

Silence of the bees – Inside the hive

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New research from Monash University bee researcher Adrian Dyer could lead to improved artificial intelligence systems and computer programs for facial recognition.

Dr Dyer is one of Australia’s leading bee experts and his latest research shows that honeybees can learn to recognise human faces even when seen from different viewpoints. [Read full article]

Science Daily (Jan 22, 2009)

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I came across the following four-part streaming video, and although a couple of years old, is worth a watch. It covers research on genetics, evolution, behaviour, and threats such as varroa etc.  Featured are leading researchers: Edward O. Wilson (Professor of Entomology, Harvard), Gene E. Robinson (Prof. of Integrated Biology, University of Illinois) and Kim C. Worley (Human Genome Center, Baylor College of Medicine).

[Link to video]

From Nature – International Journal of Science

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